After JusticeOrElse 10.10.2015

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After JusticeOrElse 10.10.2015
Personal Development
After the Justice Or Else rally on Oct 10, 2015 ( 10.10.2015 ) I recorded some of the conversation I had with fellow participants. The inspiration to share these moments publicly came from the fact that I can only speak to my own feelings about the rally, and there are so many other thoughts that should be shared, unfortunately some very thought provoking conversations occurred between myself and people who did not agree to have the conversations recorded, but I learned a lot. I hope hearing comments from other people who attended the rally in person can add a different perspective than that of those who only watched the presentation from home, or may not have watched at all. At the very least I hope you will be inspired to watch the full presentation before forming an opinion. The media and various bloggers have dissected the various speeches and have created a flurry of soundbites that do not communicate the same feeling as the complete thoughts that were expressed. Not all people I spoke with had positive feedback, but I could not get any of the people with negative reactions to agree to participate in a video or audio recording.... Please share.
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