@DCPuddin’ shows you how to make a simple Thai inspired stir fry at home (Pilot Episode)

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@DCPuddin’ shows you how to make a simple Thai inspired stir fry at home (Pilot Episode)
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k you for joining us at the beginning of this journey through the wonderful world of food. This episode is our "pilot" episode which was done as a proof of concept. We hope you think this pilot is at least pretty decent for a late night decision to try something new with just a cell phone camera and a light. Please subscribe ( and click the bell to get notifications when we post new content), and follow @DCPuddin on Instagram and Twitter. See the recipe and instructions below. I love trying new foods and flavors and I encourage you to step out of your food comfort zone and start playing with new ingredients and don’t worry, I will hold your hand through the process and ease you into some new flavors with some ingredients and techniques you are already comfortable with. I will always let you know what the “Holy Trinity” is for a dish; meaning the ingredients you absolutely need. Additionally, I will let you know the ingredients that are totally flexible and where you can get your creative juices flowing. On my recent travels to Thailand, I discovered a whole new range of flavors that I am so excited to share with you! If you have never experienced Thai food, this Thai inspired stir fry is a great place to start. Most you are familiar with stir fry so we’re just going to add a couple of ingredients to put a Thai spin on a familiar dish. Stir frys are a quick way to make a meal with very little prep and cooking time prep and it helps when you start with veggies that don’t need a lot of fuss like baby bok choy and mushrooms. For this Thai inspired dish we are borrowing the Chinese cooking technique of stir frying and the “Holy Trinity” of fresh ginger, garlic and scallions. The Thai inspiration comes from the fish sauce, thai chiles and lime juice. Recipe & Instructions: Thai Inspired Stir Fry 5 king trumpet mushrooms 2 cups button mushrooms 1 cup hen of the woods mushroom 1 red bell pepper 10 cups baby bok choy *1 bunch scallions *4 cloves garlic 1/2 cup fish sauce 1/4 cup chinese cooking wine 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup oil *3 tbsp ginger minced 6 green chiles, minced juice of 1/2 a lime In a hot pan (preferably a wok), heat oil and add garlic, ginger, red bell bell peppers, green onions. Stir and keep pan on high heat. Add cooking wine, fish sauce and brown sugar and cook until melted. Add mushrooms and bok choy and stir. Cook and stir for another 3-4 minutes until bok choy is tender but still crisp. Squeeze lime on top for acidity. Serve with steamed jasmine rice
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